Jamon & Citrus Tapas - Let's Taco Bout It Blog

Jamon & Citrus Tapas

Recipe inspired by “The Story of Ferdinand the Bull” As the years went by Ferdinand grew and grew until he was very big and strong. All the other bulls who had grown up with him in the same pasture would fight each other all day. They would butt each other and stick each other with…

Swedish Meatballs (Kjottboller) - Let's Taco Bout It Blog

Swedish Meatballs (Kjottboller)

Recipe inspired by the book “Pippi Longstocking” by Astrid Lingren “Way out at the end of a tiny little town was an old overgrown garden, and in the garden was an old house, and in the house lived Pippi Longstocking. She was nine years old, and she lived there all alone. “ “She had no…